Sunday, July 7, 2013

Matte Stolte Oceans (Big Gulp)

Matt Stolte was a contributer to a collaborative VISPO book jointly coordinated by Cheryl Penn and De Villo Sloan. Matt told me then that he has been practiing visual poetry since 1998.  He lives in Madison Wisconsin. As a newcomer to VISPO, myself, I am inspired and interested in Matt's work and commented on a DVS blog. I think that is why Matt sent me not ONE but Two envelopes full of samples of his Big Gulp material. Thank you Matt!

Matt's envelope has significant (to me) RG letters on it.  I notice the repetition of form, my initials from the front.  I open up the VISPO box with the pages I received 1  1/2 years ago, remembering vaguely the textual form of Matt's work  Matt and see that there is paint stamped pink 'R' on that envelope too.  Like this envelope, the feel is satisfying.

Matt's writing and imagery take me to the sea, beautiful and also cautionary.
Not sure what you do with a tag and pass but will do something and send this on. The text England, a farm house... is Matt saying something to me?

This is the contents of envelope one and next is the contents of envelope two.

Wonderful to see Matt's work and looking forward to seeing the bigger book that is coming out of his  TLBs (Tacky Little Booklets).  See more work from Matt at:

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  1. Many Thanks for posting! To Note: the 2 pieces with a man hanging letters on letter walls are pieces by Andrew Topel.

    Also, I have begun work on a spoken word/ noise music album with a muscian, featuring poetry like the above. I hope the album & a book of these collected poems will be out by the end of 2014. I'll keep you posted!