Saturday, July 6, 2013

Catching up with Simon Warren

Simon! I love seeing into your visual mind too. I think I mentioned that when I had the Memories are Made of this exhibition at Old House (Pimlott Foundation) I took all the mailart that had been sent in (uncounted but lots and lots) and either displayed the pieces or had a big box for people to look through.  I had 60 something from Simon so took a special Simon box for those and laid out the newest - the six previous ink dances.  I had lots of interest in the ink dances (particularly) from artists and other people liked reading about Tring etc.

Years ago I got to know Jennifer Bartlett's work. Her book, In the Garden, is one of my most treasured sources for inspiration.  In the 80s she went to Italy and rented a house and drew from the garden, which did not inspire her at first, but became a constant source of experiments in the end. I find that Simon uses his life in a similar way.  Perhaps we all do, one way or another.

I have been quite snowed under - not a good choice of cliche as it's piping hot today - but you know what I mean... so am only just beginning the process of archiving all the wonderful stuff I've received recently. I sent Simon a little nothing yesterday to ackowledge all the instalments I have received from him and until today not documented.  I wonder if Simon knows I'm the judge of the IUOMA MOBMA competition this month. We have loosely asked for portraits.  Simon, these don't qualify.

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  1. What a collection, what a collection! Pure beauties!!