Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My love of wax paper in a Claire Dinsmore envelope knows no bounds!

The first thing I notice is the crinkle, then a translucency. It says 'I come from another era where lady botanists wore bustles and had well appointed writing desks.' It says 'get out your envelope opener if you dare.'  I notice how perfectly Claire does taupe, beige, light brown and accents of nature.  Even the stamps are exactly right.

Inside more evocations of a bygone era.  When exactly is it?  I'm sure Claire knows.  She conjures with such precision. Claire doesn't know what I am reading but it is set in Egypt, in the past.  Perhaps it's her. 

 Par, parler! corset, parlage, and some asemics.  Inside more neutral goodies.

Thank you Claire! You've spurred me on to tidy my disgusting studio so I can place your haptic, beautiful envelope and its contents somewhere special.


  1. Ah, my dear Rebecca - 0 how deliciously articulate you are mon amie, and perceptive regarding details/meanings! (Mmm, I believe "perspicacious" would be an apt word here...) You make one feel so very well appreciated...^_^ So glad you liked it! Nonetheless, I am sad to see that one of the stickers that decorated the front of the envelope, was somehow detached in the post. I guess I'll have to send you another one and let you glue it on - it is a matter of particular Balance in the design, for me anyway - details are infinitely important imnsho! Thanks again for the great blog! xxoo, Cleo

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  3. o/btw: that WONDROUS, hand carved "IUOMA" eraser stamp was made by our darling, ever-talented fellow member & resident wit, Carina.