Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sampling by TOFU

The mailart I receive is kept in a couple of big boxes.  I have no filing system.  Well I do have a ledger where I record incoming and outgoing, as best I can... But these boxes of carefully placed mailart  I think of as a box of inspiration.  I keep meaning to frame a few to get to know regularly and more deeply but that would be one more job and I am time-starved, for some reason. I don't think I have ever cut anyone's mailart up before and repurposed it, although Mim sent me scraps which I loved using.  One day I will drown in all this, but for the moment it works.

And then comes TOFU, asking me first to put his beautiful map fragment in a book and forget about it and now to use his samples in my own work. For now I see them as another kind of quilt.  I'm sure they will declare themselves in a piece one day soon, though. I just don't know how or when, yet. Thank you Tofu, and look out for our daughter; she's in your city at the moment!

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