Saturday, July 6, 2013

Susan McAllister (Berkeley) - Nothing More Natural

Susan has sent me beautiful colourful painted cards in the past, card's I've loved, so I was surprised when I saw another side to Susan on MinXus Lynxus: Surprised, but interested and impressed.  It funny the way one chooses the mail one sends, based on an inkling of what the person likes or wants. Susan tells me she is surpised I have only ever received her tamer mail art so in her inclusive way, I guess she decided to send me what she describes as this 'funky' card , 'what others might call weird,' piece.
I love the xerox feel, the way it take sme back to black and white movies, the clunky special effects and for me, the bad dreams.  And those letters 'TPD' whisper something prehistoric in my ear. Very scary.
Thank you Susan!

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