Saturday, July 6, 2013

Diane Keys and ? (Seattle) send entry for IUOMA MOBMA prize

One anarchic group at IUOMA calls itself MOBMA (The Museum of Bad Mail Art). Member Mailartists vie for the prize of best bad mail art, or worst mail art, depending on how you look at it. We also post photos of things we find that somehow fit in with the idea of BAD (mail) art.  Last month I 'won' one of the categories, so am 'the esteemed judge' this month.  I will be a terrible judge, just sayin, having spent years devoted to encouraging all over the hump of creative confidence, I see all attempts as a journey.  However, I do think some people are born with particularly different taste to me.

Recently I was in an antiques centre in Exeter, looking for the perfect birthday gift for our just turning 21 year old son, when I came upon a couple debating whether to buy a framed print.  I was looking at the books, side-tracked again on my mission but in a good position to see what they were considering. DVS, if you are reading, it was an otter, or a mink or some other swimming rat. I was dumbstruck.

These two fall into the bad taste category, for sure.

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