Thursday, June 18, 2015

I really love the idea of reunions but I never seem to make it to them. Never. I've got a Peace Corps Kenya reunion coming up and I really wish I could be in Seattle in August but I'm in Maine in July and it is impossible.  Suffolk is not that far from London so I have no excuse not to travel down to make mail art with the UK folks + a Greek and other waifs and strays who turn up, but this time no one told me that they were meeting, so it would've been really difficult to find them.

Why didn't I see that stamp?  Must have come out when they were renovating the post office… and their goal is to use one of those printed stickers instead of stamps, anyway. Harrumph.

Many thanks Katerina, Stripygoose and Positively Postal.  I promise to try to come next time. 

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