Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Collaborating across time and revisiting stuff with Doodling David

David is on a mission to revisit, transform and divest himself of stuff by drawing, repurposing and then putting a stamp on it. He calls it redacting. It's always difficult to decide what to do with those envelopes with windows. David has added a sort of manga face with a laughing scowl in his x 2, creating a fetching front cover to his mailing.
 The details David has added to his sister's vintage map are indeed important geological formations which have been erupting all over the island of Great Britain since Trump was sworn in.  These red-faced wanker-banker goon-tycoons think thier coastal positions will guarantee them prime real estate, power and the right to rule.  Ha ha, they should seek higher ground.  The sea is rising.  Global warming is lapping at their shores.
 Thanks David. It's great to get your hand-me-downs.

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