Saturday, October 3, 2015

NtholMeil, therapeutic tools, a kit - Carina Granlund (Finland)

Carina's mail art creates a world that beams with happy potential.  All the characters are hopeful, of excessive beauty, power, strength, wise beyond their years, more playful than you can imagine. Having said that, nothing could have prepared me for the delights of this parcenvelope!

Wrapped in a map of Africa was this slightly manically methodical stamped brown paper envelope. What does it mean?  It means Carina is so much more organised than I can ever hope to be...  

Unwrap the map, open the envelope and find the fat lady and the cobra plastic/fabric/buttoned boekie.
Of course I'm enchanted. 
 Apparently my lucky number is eight.  I have my own bauble-bottle-cap to remind me.
The back makes me adjust my undergarments, do a few pilates pelvic tilts and wonder, is this a calorie counter, an exercise tracker, a place to record your worst nightmares?
OH no!  It is a (drawing) kit, Carina's latest obsession! Lucky me X 8! Phew, she doesn't think I need to go on a diet, I just need to draw more.

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