Sunday, October 18, 2015

Funny Swee and the missing bee - arty slides and xerography from Angie Cope

I believe these arty slides began in Greece and were sent by Katerina to Angie and then onto me.  I haven't thought about slides for a while, so it's quite exciting to think about the format again, after a hiatus. they feel like haikus.I may adopt a seasonal approach.

This scrap is an exciting plastic-like material that I imagine Angie saving JUST FOR ME. 
And I assume it is raw trash.

Some of the pages of this xerography add and pass. Below, more material and embellishments.  Note the Snookie stamp!

I have been completely snowed under, again.  A big exhibition event I was coordinating came off on Wednesday - it was brilliant, and I should have more time again, but some other family things are trumping my time at the moment, so I need to be patient and eventually I will find my mail art equilibrium!  Many Thanks, Angie! 

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