Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Aristide 3108 missing mail art NOW FOUND!

I decided to put a place-marker here so that once I find Aristide 3108's latest mail art postcard I will be able to insert it in time order!

It has been another ridiculously busy time and mail art has been pushed to the corners.  I got a great postcard form Aristide and filed it somewhere and now that I need it, it is missing.

Stay tuned and await the update, once I locate the treasure!

Ha ha, It was in the locked box buried in the garden!


  1. I have a number of treasure's buried in one of several time capsules buried by Neoist Baltimore Krononaut and mail artist, Rev. Paul Summers. Have moved away from the house on Blueberry Hill, Hanover, NH where it was buried in 1992 during the Netshaker Harmonic Divergence (March 19th). The artifacts were place in a "Timeless Capsule" of PVC tubing…very carefully sealed by Rev. Paul. I suppose I should try to recover it some day before I'm buried too!

  2. CrackerJack Kid, it is your duty to return to Blueberry Hill, recover and share the contents of the "Timeless Capsule" in good time!