Monday, October 19, 2015

Lucky Pierre sends origami shark doodles from Gyspy Island

THE ONLY THING that might have made this perfect mailing even better would have been if the folded envelope had been stuffed with shark's teeth! I love a newsy, doodled, innovative piece of mailart and Lucky Pierre has delivered that! I have already googled LP's reading suggestions: Milton Glaser and Drawing is Thinking, Sunni Brown's the Doodle Revolution and John Hendrix's Drawing is Magic and feel we are all in good company.  Free-range doodling is it.

I have a stack of Doodle therapy TLPs to send out, still. All quite pandemonium here.  And am so lucky that anyone is sending me anything. BUT hopefully it will get calm soon and until then, I will dream of sharks teeth, and owls unfolding themselves in pizza slices from the sky.  Thank you, Lucky Pierre! 

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