Friday, October 25, 2013

Vizma' trashpo apple cure

If ever you feel ineffectual, unglamorous and even a tiny bit of a wall flower, Vizma's apple cure will do the trick! 
Vizma has a way of making trash feel like the stuff of REAL books. I can't quite establish where the leftover bits and the trasformation begin and end.  I feel like I'm reading an Eric Carle book... but this one is top pocket size and much funnier!

Can you spot the pocket with the bespoke stamps sticking out from beneath the apt explanation:  
Art is long, life is short.

 What apple book would be complete without the apple on a a string, eaten by the standing mink? 

Clearly the cure for all insecurity is to eat an apple!
I live next to an apple orchard and although we have plenty of our own apples, I can't help but scrump an apple now and again  as I pass through.  Koalas might not eat apples, but our dog Lyra does. As soon as I pick one she is jumping up to remind me to save her a piece.
I'm sure the bad apple should be wearing pink cowboy boots?

 Oh Doris, you make it look so easy!

As ever, Vizma packs a visual punch with this informative, aestetically pleasing trashpo collage on apple!  Thank you, Vizma.

PS LOVE the inverted envelope!