Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Anna Banana sends EVERY DAY ART

3.5 x2.5"

This is a little stamp

This mail art from Anna is definately correspondence art.  I saw Anna's name  (recently) on the wall of a local museum because the museum was hosting an exhibition of xerography.

Interestingly, I had written to the museum and spoken to someone at the museum because I wanted to offer a weekend workshop (FOR FREE) on mail art to generate some interest for 25 years of IUOMA. NO REPLY.  So, like many before me, I decided I should go local and smaller and got the message that I AM NOT the kind of artist (mail artist) they need at the museum!  I see they must be running workshops on mail art there (without me) because they have a copy of 'good mail day' in the family area.

So, Anna wrote back  (Oct 17/13) with all the stuff above plus a note or two.  She writes that she 'loves working with left-overs' and that she also likes miniature pieces which are shareable and mailable. She's calling her current work: Every Day Art.  Did Anna do a pech kucha?  I have done one in a professional context but would really like to go to one with creatives!

Apparently Anna got three copies of the catalog! The fact that she was one of the only women on the mail art wall did not go unnoticed…

Blue skies and relatively warm when Anna wrote.  Frost on the pumpkins and many trees down here.


  1. You had me google PechaKucha there! Very interesting. And I think the fist event of that kind was held in Tokyo, Roppongi district (according to wiki). One always learns new things here...

  2. Yes, sooo interesting! Anna Banana, wow. Is that real?

  3. Yes, it was all real! I just reread what I wrote and hope the tone wasn't too bitter. I meant it to be offhand and disappointed. It was an intersting show and Anna's work held its own! Go girls.