Friday, November 8, 2013

If the move was a good as the mail art…

I had a message from Claire asking if I'd received a change of address card from her.  I'd read about these, but alas, had not been the recipient…
A Dinsmore envelope shouts DINSMORE in a quiet, tranquil, cat-storke of a way. When it arrived I was delighted and expectant.

I commented in an earlier blog about how each element of a Dinsmore composition is 'just right'.  This time I notice the graphic choices, particularly, as well. 

 I have to admit to usually being too excited to tell my fortune to take careful note of the wrapping of the miracle fish.  It really is rather curious that this dolphinesque creature can do just that… but for the moment I will look at it through the wrapper and deny myself the joy of having the tail curl, the body flip in my palm.
Having never been to Pittsburgh, I can only guess at this landscape.  I can't quite place it, but somethings pulls on my own East Coast heartstrings. 

In the same way that when a Stephanie Blake arrives, I can't quite bring myself to open the packet, in this case, stickers!  The opaque not knowing is perhaps better than the finding out.
As ever with Claire's packaging, I can't help but covet.  I'm sure WE don't have stamps like those and I certainly can't make them (Like BF) and that washi tape...
Many, many thanks, Claire.  I am working on an obsessive project for my mail art friends that is taking much more time than first anticipated… but yours is on deck. 

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