Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A deluge of mail art goodies from down under (Bris Chris)

Summer Sunflowers ICC Challenge 2013
30 X 42 "

mail art cloth postcard, tiny photo collage/canvas, mail art materials, a note

Christine Jones is a textile artist who exhibits and WINS prizes for her quilts.  She and I met at mailart 365 and she sent some wonderful mail art for my islands exhibition on Cranberry Island in 2012.  Her flood art is quite special. Vic and Chris came and visited us in Suffolk and we had a jolly time!  Vic cooked delicacies from Brisbane, we visited the coast and Chris helped me make something crafty for a raffle, etc.  V and C are back in Brisbane now and I received a parcel with all this from Chris!  

Thank you, Chris!  What a generous, thoughtful and wonderful package of goodies!


  1. Wow! BrisChris and Vic came to visit! That's awesome! Love those two. They visited REAL wall towers a couple of years ago and we had a great time!

  2. Oh Mail Art meetups are so delicious. I wish I could travel every where and meet all of the 365ers in person.

    1. Every 365er I've met has been lovely and it's always such a thrill to meet people who make mailart. I guess it's the nature of the medium that meetings will be so sparse (and so cherished)