Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cheryl Penn's curatorial genius

Cheryl Penn's cover: Mail Art Makes the World a Town Edition IX

John Bennett, Rosa Gravino

Andrew Maximillian Niss,  C. Mehrl Bennett, John Bennett

Rebecca Guyver, Lesley Magwood Fraser

Torill Elisabeth Larsen, Uli Grohmann

This zine has been a long time coming for me… I sent images to Cheryl more than a year ago and they must have circled the globe for a long time before returning to me and then being reposted to Cheryl.  I didn't even dare open the package as I suspected the imagery would be stale and I would bin the lot.

One of the things about Cheryl is that she makes you feel as if you belong.  I suspect she is a very good teacher, empowering her students to believe.  And belonging in this group, in this zine, in this network, matters. 

I've pulled out a few spreads for your delight so we can smile and nod approvingly at the way Cheryl has paired work, adding to the story.

Cheryl's note said 'send again'.  Of course I will. 

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  1. Hello Rebecca - thank you for posting :-) - these Zines are alot of work, but such a good way to combine Mail Art into a format which is accessible for every day viewing - I dont like the way so much good work sits in drawers! X