Wednesday, November 20, 2013

PLAY WITH PHOTOGRAPHY - A spitfire view from Marie Wintzer

In this case, for me, Marie introduces her theme with her envelope. I am immediately primed for mapping the skies.  I feel myself checking the instrument panel in anticipation, of watching the world turn to matchoook houses with postage stamp fields.

(I see) topography of a city from high. Windows on the world. A transept of space. 
I suspect these pictures are taken from a tower block, vertical words fashioned to interupt the view.  I wonder if words do that, distract us from being in a space.  Here they make me feel dizzy with the height. I am under the sky, looking out and fumbling with controls.
The broken geometry of a vista, our memories, traces of our lives imprinted on what we see.
I love the shapes and the colours, quilts of light.

Something framed that has faded, becomes indecipherable to those who weren't there. I turn them over, hang them up, read the story.  Long for the freedom of the skies, alongside Marie. Marie writes that perhaps 'cloth is the oppostie of crumpled paper?' I agree that the linen muffles, or maybe tempers the music of these pieces in a way that makes them ache to speak.

Five or six years ago I bought the piece below from an artist who was a resident at the Heliker Lahotan Foundation (on Cranberry Island); for me, Marie's piece conjures up a similar sound, a similar mood. For a moment I am an explorer or maybe a spy and this is my landscape.  Beautiful!


  1. This came from E Coles (IUOMA):

    "The form of this book is really striking. The string and the fabric mounts for the pictures bring to mind parachutes - very clever and beautiful."

    Ah yes… parachutes and targets, I'm sure I meant to say to that too!

  2. Wow, Rebecca, stunning blog, thank you so much! I'm in awe of your writing, you make me see things I was completely blind to, in such a poetic way. And thank you for posting the IUOMA comment from E Coles, so nice to see that. Parachutes.. I like that image, yes. Well, this is a wonderful present for me, thank you!

  3. forgot to mention, love your photos to go with the text, especially the hanging ones...

  4. Aw shucks, Marie, it's all YOU! X