Saturday, January 28, 2017

In The Thickets Evening - Vizma mailing

This package came from Vizma quite some time ago.  I knew she wasn't on social media and I am blogging slowly. When vVzma dressed up her cats she wouldn't have know that women all over the world would be donning pink pussy hats and taking to the streets, but this card has new resonance for me. The CATS Meouw.

Like Carina, Vizma is a wrapper... and this wrapping may need to go into my fusing pile, rather than be archived. I love anything polka dotted and transparent with yellows spots, ooh la la.

Vizma is also a master of the cut up. She and Marie have a very special way with words and text. This time we seem to have a hephalump as well. Look closely at the words.  What Vizma has chosen is definitely her lexicon! HEH HEH HEH. 

Vizma and I collaborated on the two above postcards. 

And not only that, Vizma is tireless and such an inspiration, an absolute mail art trouper. But the really impressive thing is the breadth and beauty of everything she sends!  

The final few scans are a beautiful card story, laced together combining imagery and words in a funny and esoteric triumph. Huge thanks as ever, Vizma!

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  1. So sweet of you to say such things, Rebecca,and what a thorough blogging! Xxx Thank you.