Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Ori Arrives - Poul Poclage

Poul sent me this painting a little while ago, but I hadn't opened the mail until this evening. There is often something to learn when you open a new piece of mail art and this time the clue was in the title at the back ' Ori Second'. Before I share what I learned on the internet, I will drink in the yellows of this dystopian imagery. As ever, I feel the generosity of other artists as I hold the 18.2 x 20cm acrylic. 

The Ori (pronounced or-eye; alternate spelling "Orii") were a collective of Ascended Beings who manifested themselves in a wall of fire in the City of the Gods on the Plains of Celestis in a far galaxy that was original home of the Ancients who were called the Altera those many millions of years ago. 

I believe it has something to do with Stargate, but I'm not sure.

Poul wishes me a year of great art (in spite of Trump).  If this is the start, I'm sure it will be and I thank you for your gift. Be patient.  I'm still working slowly

You can find more of Poul's work here:

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