Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Land Lassies and the inscribed Iris

Herman's Holiday mailing arrived sometime while I was in Glasgow with my family. He could not have known that on Christmas day we were at the necropolis, in the rain, making sense of the mossy grave stones, looking out on the sprawling city below. The green man above, brings back those moments clearly.  Meanwhile, the Queen was ill in bed with flu. 
I love the stony face, a death mask of sorts, decaying back to nature. We are all so vibrant one minute and decayed the next… Best to keep smiling.

This little fella is smiling. Did you know that in Holland when a child turns one you should give him the whole birthday cake and let him/her do with it as he/she pleases? I suspect this guy would eat the whole cake mouthful by mouthful and still grin.

Herman wishes me a nice 2017.  Is this the big sister of the cake eating boy with the joker on his head? If so, I agree she looks mooi! and it's not fair that he got to eat the whole cake!

In our family, we write on champagne corks to commemorate an event.  Here, someone has wanted to save a moment in a pressed flower.  I think it looks like an iris, whatever, imagining what could have been celebrated, or perhaps commemorated in 1937 is a tale in itself...

As ever, Herman's mailing leaves so much to my imagination and gives me gifts to create my own stories.  It is all so beautiful, so temporal and so endowed with emotion in a way that is perfectly New Year!  Thank you, Herman!

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