Saturday, January 14, 2017

David's a Giver and doodles too!

I've been getting free stuff in the mail lately but nothing as exciting as this free art gift card from David in Santa Fe.  I am not sure how I redeem it, but will certainly do it before the deadline! what a giver and love that I am a givee! One things for sure, in this political climate we need all the freebies we can get and as much love and care too.  There's a great vibe coming from NM. Thank you!

 So I am a little slow in responding to mail art and blogging. My life seems to have been about feeding people for some weeks now, but rest assured fellow mail artists, the highlight of my day is still unlocking the deadbolt and lifting the lid on the mail box to see if anything has arrived.  and that's my excuse for a double bill of David the giver. I got a fat envelope of doodles!

This one must be inspired by our friend Meeah! Love it!

Everyone  is on their phone...

'I stuffed his mouth with a ball full of string' 

What a wonderful assortment of whimsy and commentary on daily life.  Perhaps the next addition of DKult Doodle Therapy needs to be about one of David's themes.  I will look with care and get back to you.  don't miss all the characters and their conversations.


  1. Gee, you didn't have scan all that stuff...but thanks for a great blog...and I received your boekie and xmas card and will blog them in a fortnight. or so.

  2. Thank you David! It's great to have your doodles and I'm glad the stuff arrived. Now how do I redeem that gift card…