Thursday, January 12, 2017

Philosopy on a snowy tidal Thursday night.

Dave asks a rhetorical question in the voice of Donald Trump 'What is it about me loving Democracy are you not getting?' He asks as he grabs democacry by the throat. Yeah, I see that, I feel that. We wrangle in the post-truth world, things and objects hardly discernable in the chaos that we inhabit.  We don't inhabit the same democracy, it seems. Did you know they think we'll REALLY be marrying our robots by 2050. And you call that a press conference?

To be honest, the only topic at the moment is Trump, although the top story is the snow, the non-existent snow, as far as I can see. But Dave grapples with postmodern ideas and sends me an object, an envelope, that is the subject.  And the eyes see it all and are it all. Thank you Dave!

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