Sunday, April 30, 2017

French Lessons and ephemera from Dave the Rave

This fat envelope arrived from Paris a little while ago. Dave the Rave likes to go to Paris and with this sticker-journal-boekie, I am learning what he does when he goes.

It seems someone likes to shop

in the shadow of the iconic French landscape, they walk, laden with bags.
 They look, Dave records,
 discovers beautiful Easter eggs,
 while sipping cafe between buying handbags and using their orienteering skills - no fluxus travel…
They go where wine waiters help them paint the town red.

 They go to the ZOO!
 They shop for wine and take the bateaux mouches. More cafe, sunglasses, waiting in sunsets.

They eat food that has exotic names and feel replete in a Parisian way.

And this isn't the last time… they will return or travel again and enjoy more holidays soon - after all, the boekie is only just started!

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