Monday, April 10, 2017

Nadir - Poul Poclage - Send mail art to show what artists are doing beyond Suffolk!

Poul was a great supporter of my Spirit of the Forest mail art exhibition, sending me a large wooden piece that got lots of notice at the exhibition held at the Mercury Theatre a few years ago.  He writes that this is his contribution for my 'Suffolk Open Studios' project. 

Suffolk Open Studios is a month of weekends in June when artists open their studios to the public. We have a small space in June at the Apex in Bury St Edmunds, a theatre with gallery wall space,  not enough to showcase all the artists' work… so I suggested hosting a mail art exhibition for people who are part of the open studios to show a little of what they do on a piece of mail art.  I have received a bit so far.  This piece from Poul came as a surprise because it hadn't occurred to me to open up the exhibition beyond the Suffolk artists, mostly because of the limited space.  Having said that, I am game to collect any mail art I receive between now and June 10th and at the very least, hang it in my own studio, or in the bothy (exhibition space) during open studios. If I can find another suitable venue, I will!

Thank you Poul for getting the ball rolling.  In a funny way your title 'Nadir' is perfect for this project.  You are the first and hopefully there will be more! 

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