Sunday, April 23, 2017

Tucked up in a Tapestry - Cuan Miles

Love this patterned postcard from Cuan. where the front and the back speak to each other. The way Cuan has repurposed this postcard is incredibly effective.  It is the sort of thing that makes me want to paint a painting with layers and layers. Illegibility creates mystery and I believe the main character has a story to tell. She, or he is timeless and I am a sucker for a paisley. I discovered a few facts about paisleys: Resembling a twisted tear-drop the paisley design is of Persian and Indian origin, but the modern name, “paisley” is of Scottish descent, made fashionable in Europe by the town of Paisley in Central Scotland.The paisley design is rich in spiritual and symbolic meaning. In India, the paisley signified the time of harvest, a time of both socio-economic and spiritual significance.
I doubt Cuan was thinking about that but what with his flower symbol, it all seems to fit. 
many thanks.  I hope to send you something before too long!

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