Wednesday, April 26, 2017

AZazzle ABC and Doodle - Phillip Lerche

Phillip knows I love a good doodle so he sent me an add and pass that Diane Keys began.  As a result I got this zazzle card, that reminds me of stamp carving words the wrong way around, but of course these letters are absolutely right and gesturally coloured!

I am a plastic person and Phillip is a text person but that doesn't make me any less receptive to Phillip's text! I love the samples he sent me.  I makes we want to swing in another direction…
 And thanks for the doodle!  I owe my other doodle fanatics something collaborative. Soon! 

Great stamps!

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  1. I guess I probably am more of a text guy... never thought about it that way, but what I sent you certainly revealed that!

    Not sure if I credited the artist amp creators - the inkblot bird is a collaboration between me and stripygoose, Ptrzia (TicTac) made the lovely Georgia O'Keeffe one, and the snail is from a non-IUOMA man art acquaintance, Christie J.