Tuesday, February 10, 2015

J Block - The DKULT book of Barbie Dressing ideas

I'm not sure because I'm REALLY bad at putting famous faces and names together, but this important (possibly regulation) dressing ideas booklet has probably been sanctioned by the face on the front.  Is that a debutante photo of DK? or KDJ (she lives in Florida and I know they take their debutante balls seriously there) or maybe it's a feminist icon who I should know.  Whoever, whatever, I'm not going to get bogged down by identification.  It's all about the ideas that J has compiled for me to test, possibly sew myself, and all I can say is they are inspiring! 

I hope I am not obliged to send this book on to DKULT headquarters.  No doubt I need it for all the gala events I get to, here on the farm!  and J how did you get those arms, busts and legs to line up?

BTW, did I miss a BARBIE mail art call? 

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