Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Looking for change in a Brave New World

Following on from Sticker Dude's comments on democracy, it seems there is discontent on this side of the pond too. The postmark is Chelmsford - and that's down the A12 from me, but can't place any of my mail art friends there, so not really sure who this is from.  Whoever it is is ANGRY, but like Joel is using humor to shout about it.  Humor and a see through pink envelope (is this a wink to a pro-communist leaning?) with puffy letters spelling out an Aldous Huxley title and using the leftover letters to rave and record the year England entered the EEC. More code for breaking and some possibly text that I can't decipher. I hope I discover who this protester is!


  1. Rebecca, I love your brain, I love your analysis, I love your attitudes & your empathy,,,can you tell how I feel?

  2. Oh Joel! You've said all of of the nicest things that anyone can say to me. I suspect you are smiling.