Sunday, June 12, 2016

Forever USA, Dylan stamps: WILD HAIR Giecek and Cohen

It's so brilliant to be on the Sticker Dude's mailing list!  Each arrival whispers in my ear in a way that I travel to a different time and remember a world I inhabited then. 

This time I am on a bus in Kenya.  I am sitting with my friend Peggi and behind me are two other friends, Lauren and Ken. We are headed north to Turkana country and we are singing Blood on the Tracks from cover to cover in unison, in the dust.  I'm in the Peace Corps.  We are young.  We are American. We might have even had a harmonica.  We may be irritating the other people around us, from Germany and France, Italy and Spain, but we are oblivious, Forever USA, Forever young.

Oh Bob what cool hair you have,!Oh Bob, oh Ed, oh Joel, thank you

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  1. Your complimentary poetry always brings tears to my eyes.