Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Issue 64 Subscription Opus Weirmer

 To participate in Jude's performance (duo or solo) all you need is a paper eggbeater. It looks as if my studio would be a perfect site for such a production. They could stand up in the gallery and we (you and me) could beat our egg beater so the sound would travel up to the lofty heights.

I can't begin to juggle all the detail Jude gives me in order to SEE the performance in my minds eye.  I think my family (after a banquet of cooperatively home-cooked supper) wouldn't be able to keep up either, even though they have significantly more musical prowess. But maybe you can HEAR IT SEE IT? Some phrases and images that I know will circulate in my mind for sometime are playfully pious (what does that look like?)  The instruction to play 3 7/50 times with specified modifications made my wonder. And why can't you pick up the egg carton?

 Hugely grateful, as ever, if befuddled and inadequate in my muscial knowledge! But maybe that's part of the point? Luxuriously detailed and aesthetically ravishing.

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