Tuesday, June 7, 2016

I look at my calendar and cringe, belatedly (but not yet) Richard

Some people are notoriously late about things and others are always on time.  For most of my life I have fallen into the on time group, not so these days! Everytime I see the date on one of my devices I am filled with dread and shame because I can't seem to complete.  This is bad and it so NOT ME that I am almost convinced I have been taken over by an alien, except I'm sure the alien would have avoided the guilt. My life is great it just seems to be running together at the edges so I can't stretch it anymore.

Richard C, Richard C, Richard C. I'm gonna make up for my appalling behaviour in the near future.  Lucky Pierre, you gave me two chances and all I can say is it will get done in a loving fashion but in this other-wordly time I seem to be keeping!   The packages are amazing!

I would've been crushed if I weren't included… I think I'll just go bake some Peanut Sitting Pretties and think about what I can send to RC when I can!

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