Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Don't let the Humbolt fog be your excuse - Joel Cohen

Sticker Dude is definately a 'juggler of gravity' and that is an important task in today's times. What with the UK vote about whether to remain in the EU or who to vote in in November in America, our duty to democracy looms big. I love the way Joel finds the perfect way of drilling down and zeroing in on the essence of the issue which is humorous, enlightening and important.  'Democracy requires higher skills than other forms of coexistence', complete with a liberty bell says it all.   And I've seen that Humbolt fog - the waves of wet air, not the cheese, and it is disorientating.  I hope the Humbolt voters can find the polling booth.

In case it needs underlining, Joel's way of composing an envelope is simply divine too.

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