Friday, September 7, 2018

Crunching your scales with GU

Gina Ulgen's work is slick, beautiful and funny! It makes me a little squeemish and I have a visceral response  - I find myself feeling a little itchy.  What would it be like to have scales or a big conch shell on my body? If we think it's difficult to be human, imagine what it would be like to be endowed with fishy bits! Think most despised politician with an eel's bottom half…

Although each image is perfect - I have taken the liberty of scanning double page spreads - my personal fave is the one set in the old gym. The man in the jacket and the girl in the bloomers, spotting the gymnast with a shell for legs. As a gymnast and a teacher of gymnastics, I have had pupils with cluncky body parts, I've even felt a little fishy in some of my moves and I have worried that something might shatter if i wasn't absolutely careful every second!

The other outstanding part of this mailing is the book below: Ana's Lonely Hearts Club. What a wonderful idea and the way Ana has imagined and drawn her characters is inspiring!

Thank you Gina and Ana, this is really a very special mailing! 

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