Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Simon Warren gets me thinking

Two more instalments and a reply arrived from Simon today and yesterday.  The reply was in an envelope, distinct from his large card postcards.  Because it was a reply Simon referred to what I'd written.  Perhaps that's why it was concealed, he was being thoughtful.  Simon has a predeliction for mystery, I think. The thing about mail art is you can be whomever you choose with the strangers you communicate with.  For some that is the buzz.  I have a propensity for honesty and it's about the communication. Simon talks about seeing into a person's soul and tells me that life is incremental.

1 comment:

  1. Rebecca!! You boekie has landed! Gorgeous boekie in a gorgeous envelope, thank you so much! I will blog it soon.
    Always running.. I really know what you mean... but even while running you are always making wonderful art. I envy that.