Saturday, March 16, 2013

Jon's Plastic Trashpo

Jon's trashpo mail art arrived on the same day that I saw a beautiful exhibit of Kurt Schwitters' collages at a gallery on Cork Street.  I had been to see lots of art that day, including a blockbuster show at the RA with lines snaking out the door. Nothing really interested me until the Schwitters. There is a big show elsewhere in London but I didn't make it to that, and I can't imagine it could be better than what I saw.  He had an eye and a sensibility with trash...
 I love this piece by Jon.  The colours, the words, the shapes.  It's really pleasing to me. I'm not sure how Jon has made it.  I know he is famous for his tape transfers but I can't tell whether this is lots of tape transfers or a taped over collage. The foreign name tag makes me smile.  Do people send Jon those, like people send Anna Banana colour codes?

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