Friday, March 22, 2013

Guido sends me Vermeulen/Pullo collab book!

In the same way that I am covetous of Bonnard's ability to use every inch of his canvases to create spectacular relationships using colours and marks, I find this collab by Kerri Pullo and Guido Vermeulen achieves the same poignancy, the same vibrancy and freshness. They make it look so easy! 

This small book 3"x4" is the same size as the book I sent Guido.  And he writes that this is in return. I am delighted, touched, inspired! Guido tells me that Kerri agreed 'to let the book go and travel further to you' (me).  Thank you Kerri.  thank you Guido.  I love it! I bet Cheryl Penn would like to see it, if she hasn't already.  She has been exploring rorschach blots .

And as if that weren't enough... Guido sent me this emotive ink which he calls, 'A contemplation on the suicide of Sylvia Plath (Happy birhtday 87 October). Wow.


  1. Thanks for blogging! :) I'm glad you enjoy it!

  2. The famous! The controversial Pullo-Vermeulen collab!

    Thanks for making it available Rebecca.