Saturday, March 16, 2013

Carina's Artist experiments

Carina sent me this 'test'.  She tells me she acquired fibre pasta and pastel pens and is experimenting.  I haven't seen the film, Mr Jones, but I like this Mr Jones' eyes! We had a Richard Gere look-alike at the kids' school and the mums loved him. 
The feel of this piece is foamy, squishy, thick and kind of reminds me of one of those Russian icons. Very fun Carina.  I have materials I want to experiment with - encaustics I was given months ago and a dremmle. Carina tells me no pressure to blog.  I'll ignore her! Thank you Carina.


  1. Wonderful! I have to say I have fallen in love your blog - is there such a thing as a blog crush? Love to read your posts and see all the great post sent your way. Have a happy weekend. And Happy St. Patrick's Day to you tomorrow.

  2. Oh Taidgh that will keep me smiling all weekend!