Sunday, March 24, 2013

Simon Warren: time wasted is spent

As well as these portraits of what Simon sees while he travels through London, Simon responds to what I mail to him: a bit of writing but also a visual response.  I had another letter from Simon, so I guess the letters are the responses. I had written about sand running out, revealing that it is my aging family that I worry for, not my own mortality. Simon does not think like me, it seems. That's interesting and piqued my interest in zeroing in on how I do feel.
This morning I woke early.  I love to wake early! I was looking at and reading the book Peter suggested Patrick buy for me for valentines day. (Eames: beautiful details).  I loved Charles Eames' take on how he saw his own art process: 'not self-expression for its own sake, but rather trying to be a good host - which by definition puts someone else at the centre.' I have always had a problem with art as purposefullness. Although Eames was very purposeful, I think I see myself as juggling the purposelessness and the person to make the response.

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