Saturday, March 9, 2013


Well if you didn't know before you will know now that February 21st is World Banana Day, at least according to Dean Marks and other mail artists at IUOMA. Eleven of us agreed to exchange banana greetings, aiming that they arrive on world banana day.  To be honest, I wasn't sure how bananas fit into mail art in general but discovered that Anna Banana was key:
This was my first year to celebrate this particular day but I suspect I will get involved again in the future.  In order of arrival on my doorstep (I think) these are what I received from the banana bunch.

You will recognize momcat's characteristic greek labels, layers, colour and overall joyous  approach, not to mention her signature stamps. 
Carina's humour and tape borders alerted me that this was from her.  My first response was to utter a guttural 'ah-uh-ha-ah' and to be transported to New York and the empire state building, athough juggling bananas works just as well!
Mim, master of scale and absurd juxtaposition, was again obvious at first glance. This one was mailed on valentines day.  I suppose I could claim it as a valentine too!   On the B side Mim's caption reads:  'Banana enjoyed the admiring glances of the ladies. '

One of Dean's goals in the mailart he makes seems to be to challenge the postman.  I loved getting a box top in the post! I also love the way Dean has made asemic road blocks in this banana maze. Dean writes, ' The city was like a giant labyrinth.  One banana was on one side of the city, the other banana was on the other side of the city.  It was unlikely that they would ever meet.'  I get the sense that Dean is talking about something profound... oh the randomness of it all.  Does Dean know that I had to travel half way around the world to meet my husband? Dean's stamp is amazing too! 

Louise, who I've never corresponded with before,  sent me a lively banana creature with a delicious recipe for the precious loaf, which I can whole-heartedly recommend.

It's funny when I see yellow I think banana now... and I'm tempted to detach this banana to carry around with me.  Alicia captures what we all think when we think banana: a sort of silly (naughty) smile.

Suus speaks to me in dutch.  I'm not sure if that's because I told her I lived in Soestdijk but my dutch is rusty.  What I think is that Suus' idea is a banana dream catcher. Suus brings together a few of our favourite yellow things: eggs, ducks and bananas and created this adorable practical egg cosy!

Another first, this time from Dame Mailarta.  I received this fused card-stamp-holder (I think) cheeky banana wondrousness and it makes me wish I had banana coloured hair! 

My final banana greeting was from Anna Banana! She sent me her annual Banana Rag and samples from the 2012 edition of the International Art Post no. 25.  I could participate in the future! Anna says 2013-2014 will probably be her swan song in terms of producing the dry gummed paper stamps, as you need to order 8 years worth and, well, even I can understand why you wouldn't do that twice!
I believe some IUOMA mail artists were there when Anna performed her above illustration for Mayworks 2013 with bananas.

Thank you, everyone, and finally, happy banana (k)night.


I received this unconventional banana - a Dole organic, eating a smaller conventionally  grown banana from Cheryl H!.  Thank you Cheryl. Love it.

Last week ( mid April) the slowest banana in the bunch inched past the finish line for this year's banana day jamboree. Jen Phillips from Las Vegas sent these wise words for the anxious among us. 

Thanks Jen!


  1. Nice to see all the bananas in a bunch. I haven't gotten around to scanning mine yet. Thanks for this post. I enjoyed seeing it.

  2. WE had the pleasure of meeting Anna Banana once - many years ago when we lived in London. I think it was at Mark Pawson's flat in the East End. Lovely lady and totally bananas of course!