Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Michael Leigh bungled celebrity plastics

Delighted to receive my first post from Mike.   The original altered envelope makes me smile and wonder what the celebs would say. A treat to see some of Mike's work on these postcards. Lots of inspiration.  It's funny, having done the banana thing, when I see yellow I immediately think BANANA.  Was chuckling when I found dafoodils and bananas here. Thank you Mike.


  1. Hi Rebecca, Glad it turned up O.K. I think the bananas are actually daffs before they have opened. All the best, M

  2. The banana card is great, yes! Love everything in this package. Who's the lucky IUOMA celeb?

    1. Nobody special - not sure who it is actually? Yes, we have no bananas - remember that song? You are probably too young!