Thursday, January 3, 2013

Inspired Drunkpo from Vizma

A few things about this work from Vizma... 
1. Our posts crossed somewhere off the English coast.  I wrote to tell Vizma how she'd inspired me. and then I got this haul from her, my first Vizma post! 
2. I have read Vizma's poem to many, but the most significant group was the teenagers who came to celebrate New Years with us on the farm.  There were four teenagers (18) and a couple of 20 year olds.  They were all enraptured.  You see the thing was I wanted to experiment with them creating DRUNKPO. And so we began.  They wrote some good stuff and it wouldn't have flowed  without New Years beverages (drinking age in the UK is 18) and Vizma's chop chop drunkpo. They are drunkpo neophytes now. More later.
3. I love the line 'leather shrinks in wet weather' because it reminds me  of a line by a favourite band, Cake.
4. THAT ENVELOPE! Fabulous!
4. it's got just the right amount of everything!
THANK YOU.  ~I love it all!


  1. Man. I am so humbled to see people taking my Drunkpo idea. All I wanted was for people to make some interesting art while a bit inebriated. Here we are!! Vizma is such an Drunkpo auteur.

    1. Could you post some pics of any of the work done that night, Rebecca?

  2. That's Ruby-Po...
    (I think only Vizma will get this)
    great stuff!