Thursday, January 17, 2013

Helen Thorne sends mailart from Germany

Helen is in Germany, learning to speak German better by teaching young people in German.  We miss here in Suffolk but are delighted that she took the time to collage a bit of her world.  I wish I could translate German... but Patrick wants Helen to kow that he solved the verbal reasoning in a flash (sort of).  Thank you Helen.


  1. Is it still snowing on the farm? Here it's been snowing vividly, for one day, it piled up a few centimetres and of course it was total panic in Tokyo. They are absolutely not equipped to deal with snow because it happens only once or twice a year, so everything is stuck. It's fun, in a way. That exhibition looked really interesting, I would have loved to see that. This year I'm going to see more exhibitions. But the queues are always so long...

  2. The snow is beginning to melt and turn brown but we live in an amazing micro-climate at Nayland Farm and it is still pretty pristine here. The light is not as vivid as it was, but I've had to knuckle down and do a book cover commission, so that's OK. It was really distracting because it was so compellingly beautiful. That exhibit WAS beautiful. My mother (who was here visiting and came with me to the exhibit) bought me a Hiroshige book - there was no exhibition catalog and I adore looking at it. This morning I woke up thinking about it. I have another blog that is really my thinking about my art blog, because for some reason there doesn't seem to be much interaction, I talk to myself, as it were. But I posted something there, which is related :
    Thanks for your comment!