Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dustin De Wind Does (Dis) play

So many thoughts whizzing around in my head about this piece from Dustin. But my key question is at what time on the 31st of December was  Dustin De Wind making my Display book? As I mentioned before, we were writing Drunkpo (which I still need to collate) with teenagers and other aged young adults, but glue-gunning soldiers to felt as one year 'magicked' into the next may give us some insights into the real Dustin.  And is this Drunkpo?
I am enjoying the book.

I think this has some MinXus tendencies and heartliy appreciate chicken references, elastic wrapped devining fork.
Who is Ben Harris?
Coal - is that a reference to the London fog?
Fab haptic trashpo book.  Thank you and I will not read it in the bath.