Thursday, January 3, 2013

Carina's holiday peep hole birthday wishes

 The book is the perfect size to hold and admire - it's about palm size. 

Celebrating a birthday between Christmas and the New Year is usually not to recommended.  but when something as glorious as Carina's peep hole book arrives it all seems worth it! What a beautiful gift! Carina has written telling me a bit about Finland.  With the asemics and gestural imagery I feel intoxicated.  Is THAT Finland?  If so, I'll be saving up for a trip!  Thank you Carina. I am charmed and delighted!

Ps.  I am so glad Carina told me she made her book on the holidays. On the day I received Carina's book I got a few other pieces and my husband who is a bit of a workaholic in a non-artist way believes that all YOU mailartists must have 'time' to make mail art.  I have always assumed you are like me, sandwiching the making in between jobs, families and everything else.


  1. Just saw this link on IUOMA -- great booklet -- happy birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday Rebecca! I just checked into to IUOMA for the first time in ages and went straight to your page and saw a link to this book. You are very lucky to receive such a treasure!