Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dean should XspecT some Drunkpo soon!

As the weekend approaches and minds turn to fine dining, wine, the good things in life, entertaining in general, Dean delights me with a robust, ephemeral and also practical piece of mail art. This is A4 (bigger than US letter, sort of), a trashpo collage that instructs.

What Dean will not know is that on Tuesday I went to the eye doctor, so I'm wondering whether Dean's been in Suffolk... the stamps are English, not French! How could he know that I've had glasses on my mind? In fact, these look my glasses.  Was Dean the man in the next booth at Specsavers?

The other thing Dean may not know yet is that this is DRUNKPO weekend at the farm. I have printed out Vizma's guide to drunkpo creation and now I can ensure that my drunkpo is carried out according to the rules and regulations of glass hierarchy as well! Dean could probably guess that my careless nature means that I may not be well-versed in table mapping. Thank you Dean.  Now should I want to invite anyone to my DRUNKPO event I will be able to set the table properly, if I can find the glasses at the back of the cupboard!

Thank you Dean.  I wait to hear the story of the glasses, the stamps and whether you are a fastidious glass man.

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  1. Dean is always spot on, I don't know how he does that. I'm raising my spectacles to him.