Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Stripygoose sends New Years' cheer... and a chicken story

Gratefully recieved festive fowl mailart from Stripygoose (no. 215) I have just checked and she is now on no 313! Go Stripygoose! Thank you.

And that also gives me time to tell you my latest chicken story.  We have pheasants galore feeding at the grain this year.  I think the duck even fly in and out to eat our expensive mixed corn. I wouldn't care   except that it runs out so quickly and the chickens are hungry (and if we were wealthy).  As you might imagine, they don't lay when they're hungry.  I feed them table scraps.  They prefer rice, potatoes, cous cous - carbs. 
Just before we went to North Devon I collected the eggs to take with us.   They only layed 6 eggs over the course of the week and the grain had run out.  Because we were going away and because we were jaded by overeating in general, I fed them about half a tray of baklava that our son had made for a middle eastern meal we'd had. Boy did they love that.  The chickens are usually peaceful, but they were at war over the filo pastry, the nuts soaked in honey.  They made me laugh.
So when we got back and I went to check on them (they self feed and self drink, don't worry) I found that the grain was low but they had layed 8 eggs in 3 days! It turns out Baklava is a chicken farmer's tonic.


  1. What a hilarious story. I love it. The biddies love baklava. When my neighbors are allowed to have their chickens back, the hens being banished to a neighboring county due to a city ruling, I'm going to suggest an occasional baklava feast.

  2. Love that chicken story - best kind of chick lit... Quite a banquet for them - creates a crazy image of a sort of Greek chicken-party : > )