Sunday, January 27, 2013

I got one of those beautiful envelopes from Taidgh!

I have been hoping for a Taidgh Lynch envelope for some time... I sent T. something after New Year, so when I found this in my letterbox, I let out a little cry of joy.  'It's OK, I told my husband, Patrick, it's something from Taidgh - I recognize it'. He used to be the recipient of things like this.  Now I just get them and he looks on in wonder. 

This morning I brought Taidgh up at breakfast.  I do that.  I talk about my IUOMA friends, bring them into our life. My family have some pet names, even. I asked about Taidgh's name.  Patrick knows a lot about a lot so I expected a satisfactory answer, but he knew nothing. Because I hate not knowing,  I consulted Wikipedia:
The commonly accepted meaning of Tadhg is "poet"[3] or "storyteller". An alternative derivation from the Celtic *tazg(j)o-, meaning "badger", has also been proposed. 

Well Taidigh is certainly a delightful mailartist 

but he is also a poet: 

As well as all those goodies, Taidgh wrote me a note.  He tells me that he's been busy and is finishing off envelopes so he can clear the decks for other new projects - a 'myths and legends' project! (Note how, true to his name, Taidgh is also a storyteller) and he teases me with: ' I'd love to make you a buoki (boekie, little book?).  He asks if I'd mind a first attempt... No TAIDGH I'd be honoured and delighted.  You have a wonderful day too, Taidgh, and thank you, they brightened my thawing Saturday.

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  1. Hello Rebecca! I had a wonderful Saturday, thanks! Cheers for blogging my mailart. I'm glad you like it and I'm delighted you looked into my name. You're research was spot on! Some trivia for you: Tadgh is "Bull" McCaid's son in John B. Keane's play 'The Field', which was also made into a film by Jim Sheridan in 1990.

    Have a great week. By the way, I like your blog and all your photos. Take care!