Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The appeal of 'arty slides'

Peace full Mail today from Christine Coppa (USA) and Judy Starocik (USA).   We're all  in an IUOMA group called arty slides. This is my first mailart from both Judy and Christine. If you saw this post yesterday you may have guessed that I was scanning Cheryl's book at the same time and things go mixed up... I think I got the slide from Christine and the cute envelope above from Judy...  Her mailart featured a tiny envelope inside the bigger one that could fit slides perfectly, but I don't think she sent me one -  two envelopes in one mailing from Judy!  Thank you Christine.

Christine sent a very snazzy envelope and the other peaceful contents (plus the slide, I think...) Huge apologies.  I will only scan one thing at a time in the future!

I sent Judy  and Christine some arty slides during the holidays.  The small format and the ready frame appeal to me as another format to work with.  when we took the train up and down the country I took some slides and a glue stick and spent hours composing within the frames...

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