Saturday, November 5, 2016

Sticker Dude School of Visual Arts - the color of fantasy

This mailing is a testament that the sticker dude is a sharer! Many thanks for showing me the beautiful work of Kerr and Barbara, and inviting me (all of us?) to the reception!  Tonight as I make my way through a bit more of my mail art backlog, I realise that not opening promptly has its drawbacks. 

In the Kate Spade card, Joel has (I think) altered a postcard to create more meaning and possibly to help me accept the folly of the people I believe are making bad decisions… Could this have political implications? My mother, sister and I have been circulating some bad news stories and are incredulous about the 'naive'. 

Beauty, reason and the impish, devilish provocateur... it's all a bit of a minefield that Joel helps me to navigate.

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